My Teaching Philosophy

Thomas Van Pelt


I believe that every person is a student and that every student is a teacher. I believe that if I’m to be an effective and engaging teacher, I will constantly be enriching myself through a process of continuously educating myself. I will stay current on new and emerging theories in all aspects of science and at the same time, be open to criticism from my students while welcoming them to formulate their own theories about the world and universe around us. I will teach not just the student but also the mind. I will find ways to teach that are stimulating to the young person’s mind and encourage them to take an active part in discovery. My class will be focused on labs and activities to provide an environment that the students will remember throughout the rest of their lives. I will plan these activities around every students own natural curiosity and tailor every lesson to the ability of my students. My students will learn by doing and will be their own example of success and failure. They will learn that failures are a natural part of science and that failure is what pushes science into new territories and directions of discoveries. I will teach my students that failures are opportunities to explore something in a new light. I will provide examples of past failures and then explain to them how those failures became great successes in end. I will conduct myself in a manner befitting a person in my position and I will make a concerted effort to be an example to my students. I will be an example of what I teacher should be and I will also be an example of what an adult should also be. I will also make a strong and concerted effort to gain my students trust and will return their trust with trust of my own. In my class, my students will not be the only people learning. They will be teaching me how to interact with them and make their learning experience as positive as it can possibly be.

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